Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why can't we be friends?

I have a curse, the curse of being friendly. I am happy to report that I pretty much get along with everyone, and try to find mutual grounds with people I encounter and especially those that are in the same circle of friends I have. I especially get along really well with men. I think most women are this way, for whatever reason it's more comfortable. This has somehow back fired. When I befriend a man in my life that I want to keep in that status, I make it very clear on why they are in that position. It's normally because they aren't my type so I make a point to describe my type so their feelings aren't hurt. I have several male friends and they are "all good" with being just friends. However, last night I was put in a situation that was very awkward. I was invited to hang out with a new friend (we both agreed it was just as friends), as the night progressed he started becoming honest with his feelings. I made it clear again, that I just wasn't feeling the same. Then horror...He tried to kiss me. We've been friends for a little over a month now and I had to straight up reject, deny the dude. Now it's all awkward. I must say that it felt good to stand my ground, and I would hope that he respected me more for not...but I feel like I hurt his feelings. That's one thing I'm not ok with but I have nothing to apologize for. So the ones I don't want to be "just friends" with aren't digging and the ones I want to be "just friends" are. This dating thing gets more confusing everyday and I've been at it for almost a year.

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