Friday, May 20, 2011

Real Spring Fever...sort of :?

I've always heard of Spring Fever, but living the South it's pretty much a year round thing. Since I've moved to Seattle I stood by the fact in didn't rain much here....UNTIL...the sun really came out! This city is absolutely amazing and the mountains are out and well so now are my sundresses, and with that comes the twins! I've been spending the past few weeks doing somewhat of a personal detox in preparation for the impending summer. The most important issue I've been dealing with is finally being secure single....I'm not seeing this ending for awhile. I'm not trying to be a kermudgen but this has become my reality because I refuse to settle! I also retract my previous submission about not hiding my feelings. I will now only give one attempt and if it fails then that is it! I held on to a certain someone way too long! back to the sundresses! I will say these boys in Seattle aren't use to sundresses, I actually got cat called 3 times in the past week. As annoying as that is, it does bring an awkward smile to my face. I'm thinking I should invest in more! I'm pretty excited to see what the next few months hold...I'm in my element with this sun which causes a heightened about of happiness and confidence in myself. Stay Tuned!Oh and I've gone down a size in the past few weeks...Watch out WA I'm single and happy about it!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why can't we be friends?

I have a curse, the curse of being friendly. I am happy to report that I pretty much get along with everyone, and try to find mutual grounds with people I encounter and especially those that are in the same circle of friends I have. I especially get along really well with men. I think most women are this way, for whatever reason it's more comfortable. This has somehow back fired. When I befriend a man in my life that I want to keep in that status, I make it very clear on why they are in that position. It's normally because they aren't my type so I make a point to describe my type so their feelings aren't hurt. I have several male friends and they are "all good" with being just friends. However, last night I was put in a situation that was very awkward. I was invited to hang out with a new friend (we both agreed it was just as friends), as the night progressed he started becoming honest with his feelings. I made it clear again, that I just wasn't feeling the same. Then horror...He tried to kiss me. We've been friends for a little over a month now and I had to straight up reject, deny the dude. Now it's all awkward. I must say that it felt good to stand my ground, and I would hope that he respected me more for not...but I feel like I hurt his feelings. That's one thing I'm not ok with but I have nothing to apologize for. So the ones I don't want to be "just friends" with aren't digging and the ones I want to be "just friends" are. This dating thing gets more confusing everyday and I've been at it for almost a year.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Has the Dating Game Changed or Does it Depend on the Men?

Life when you are trying to settle into a new city...well is a little hectic mixed with the holidays and visitors. Oh and boy did I have a visitor for the holidays....the EX!! So you may be wondering how it went...not to bad and confusing as hell! First night dinner and kissing, second night relaxing, third night fighting, fourth night him complaining about life, fifth night...realized I was over him. Now...he apparently is not over me! What is with this game we All play?! I don't want want me. I want don't want me. AGHHH! So I decided to get back on the dating train of flakes. No new outcomes to report! However..the proof of games continues. The guy that I fell for when I first moved here who fell off the face of the earth came back into the picture this past week. We went out and again we just click and the butterflies came back...yet we are playing cat and mouse again. It came to a head today...I was fed up with games! I asked two men, and two women on their opinions about chasing a man. The woman ALL said let him chase you, ALL the guys said...if you are thinking about him let him know! So I did and the response wasn't all that bad. No follow date is planned but we did communicate for about an hour. So ladies have we been sabotaging our own love lives because we've always been told to be hunted or has it changed? Perhaps its the man or maybe the location? All I know is I have decided to stop hiding what I'm feeling...if I feel it I will let you know but will keep it to a minimal amount...Playing the fence I suppose. I'll keep you updated how this new strategy goes! I'm all for rewriting dating etiquette!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Text...NEXT! guys are just flakes! Not even frosted! Who know what went wrong, but I'm sure if I were to ask I'd get "it's not you, it's me". So, I've given up on "new guy A" (i figure for the sake of all four of my followers coding them will help keep track) or at least at this point at 12:09 AM! The last text was Tuesday afternoon that he couldn't wait to see me, nothing today/Wednesday, and still no plans. Really, I just don't understand Men, and they say we're confusing! I'm thinking about maybe going back to not dating or just doing it for a free dinner, hell I'm new in this town and a girls gotta eat! I know that sounds bad, but I don't feel bad about saying it or entertaining it in my mind seriously!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New City..New Start..New Patterns?

So..I"ll be honest, I fell of the ex- wagon! We didn't formally ever get back together, hell we didn't even have the occasional hook up, but he had me hook line and sinker that a glimpse of hope was possible. Nada..I got played for a a fool! So now I've moved close to 3000 miles away to have a fresh start...yup that bad! So Seattle is my new home and yes this is where he is from and it wasn't on purpose (as most believe). I really do have a fresh start here and to make it even more worth it..I am so in love with this city! It has everything: city, mountains, water, and metro sexuals everywhere! This might be my heaven, but thats TBD! So three weeks in at this point, and have gone on a couple of dates, but one...oh but one has got my attention. What is a girl suppose to do, I actually have those butterflies back in my stomach like I was in high school. In lies the I was in high school! He is 12 years older then I, hot, single dad, successful...and well I can't figure out if he's playing me or not. Surely..not playing I, I'm 30 (yes, I'm now that dreaded age), better now then when I was 20, understanding, successful, and generous. He'd be a fool...right? So I'm trying to take notes from my past and not call or text the poor guy and finally realizing I'm the one that needs to be chased! Look at me, I'm a big girl now!! So, public tell me: single dad, I haven't seen him since last Tuesday and I was suppose to be gone for the weekend, he didn't have his kids tonight...issue? Time to go on to the next? Yup...still hate dating, but he did bring me flowers! UPGRADE! Baby steps!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Hang Out vs. The Date

There is a huge difference between "hanging out" and a "date", and quite frankly I love the "Hang Out"!! Yes, it's just the two of you but it's like a no pressure date. Just hanging out, shooting the shit, and not being fake. I can't beat this with a stick! The honest truth of it is...I despise the thaught of going on a date. You get in these long discussions of where you are going to eat, you get all fixed up, and on top of it all your so jacked up on nerves you truly don't have a good time! Yes, give me the "hey I'm over at such and such restaurant/bar wanna meet up?" Absolutely and I'll be wearing jeans and a t-shirt! It's Spring Folks and I can't think of a better time for this quazi dating! So let the truth be known...I have been on "hang outs"! Yup, I said it and it was fun, carefree and just overall couldn't think of a better way to get to know these guys! It's also working as a great bridge for me who is still perhaps stupidly in love with my ex to get over it! I hope to go on some more "hang outs" soon and maybe with the same people. Added Bonus: If they are major a-holes, bore you, or just not feelin' it you don't have to deal with rejecting them or vice versa (but its never that way....right?). I think I'm gonna start making my own dating rules...and that means not doing it at all (at least for now!)! So you wanna hang out?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Damn Blackberrys, IPhones and Facebook!

For those of you that are dating and have experienced this in some form...I'd love to hear your opinion! So heres the story...Saturday night I'm sitting at a bar listening to my roommate play and was talking to so many people (sober guys, drunk guys, really drunk guys, women, and of course the gays!). One group of guys who had to all be working as the others wingman decended upon me and two other girls. It was like hawks circling prey and then swoop in for the kill. I was watching the whole thing before it happened and just sat waiting...but they were attractive so why not have something descent to look at while laughing inside waiting to shoot them down! The conversation consisted of them proving education levels, what they did for a living, all the amazing places they've traveled, etc...YAWN!!! Then the compliments's like they think they are Miss Cleo and know everything about you within the first 10 minutes of talking, and the only thing I had told them is I went to school in Chicago and originally from Connecticut other than that all responses have been sarcastic. So then it happened...(yes this is my fault for ingoring him so much by checking my facebook on my blackberry) he says (while pulling out his IPhone) "here's my e-mail, so we can keep in touch on facebook-I'll go ahead and approve you now". How was I suppose to get out that smooth move!!! Me the girl who is very traditional in dating has not been asked her number, but has been "befriended" on facebook!! Sure enough...he approved me right then and there...He now had access to me! Is this normal this something I have to adjust to? Oh...the things I'm looking forward to!