Friday, May 20, 2011

Real Spring Fever...sort of :?

I've always heard of Spring Fever, but living the South it's pretty much a year round thing. Since I've moved to Seattle I stood by the fact in didn't rain much here....UNTIL...the sun really came out! This city is absolutely amazing and the mountains are out and well so now are my sundresses, and with that comes the twins! I've been spending the past few weeks doing somewhat of a personal detox in preparation for the impending summer. The most important issue I've been dealing with is finally being secure single....I'm not seeing this ending for awhile. I'm not trying to be a kermudgen but this has become my reality because I refuse to settle! I also retract my previous submission about not hiding my feelings. I will now only give one attempt and if it fails then that is it! I held on to a certain someone way too long! back to the sundresses! I will say these boys in Seattle aren't use to sundresses, I actually got cat called 3 times in the past week. As annoying as that is, it does bring an awkward smile to my face. I'm thinking I should invest in more! I'm pretty excited to see what the next few months hold...I'm in my element with this sun which causes a heightened about of happiness and confidence in myself. Stay Tuned!Oh and I've gone down a size in the past few weeks...Watch out WA I'm single and happy about it!

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