Friday, January 21, 2011

Has the Dating Game Changed or Does it Depend on the Men?

Life when you are trying to settle into a new city...well is a little hectic mixed with the holidays and visitors. Oh and boy did I have a visitor for the holidays....the EX!! So you may be wondering how it went...not to bad and confusing as hell! First night dinner and kissing, second night relaxing, third night fighting, fourth night him complaining about life, fifth night...realized I was over him. Now...he apparently is not over me! What is with this game we All play?! I don't want want me. I want don't want me. AGHHH! So I decided to get back on the dating train of flakes. No new outcomes to report! However..the proof of games continues. The guy that I fell for when I first moved here who fell off the face of the earth came back into the picture this past week. We went out and again we just click and the butterflies came back...yet we are playing cat and mouse again. It came to a head today...I was fed up with games! I asked two men, and two women on their opinions about chasing a man. The woman ALL said let him chase you, ALL the guys said...if you are thinking about him let him know! So I did and the response wasn't all that bad. No follow date is planned but we did communicate for about an hour. So ladies have we been sabotaging our own love lives because we've always been told to be hunted or has it changed? Perhaps its the man or maybe the location? All I know is I have decided to stop hiding what I'm feeling...if I feel it I will let you know but will keep it to a minimal amount...Playing the fence I suppose. I'll keep you updated how this new strategy goes! I'm all for rewriting dating etiquette!

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