Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Hang Out vs. The Date

There is a huge difference between "hanging out" and a "date", and quite frankly I love the "Hang Out"!! Yes, it's just the two of you but it's like a no pressure date. Just hanging out, shooting the shit, and not being fake. I can't beat this with a stick! The honest truth of it is...I despise the thaught of going on a date. You get in these long discussions of where you are going to eat, you get all fixed up, and on top of it all your so jacked up on nerves you truly don't have a good time! Yes, give me the "hey I'm over at such and such restaurant/bar wanna meet up?" Absolutely and I'll be wearing jeans and a t-shirt! It's Spring Folks and I can't think of a better time for this quazi dating! So let the truth be known...I have been on "hang outs"! Yup, I said it and it was fun, carefree and just overall couldn't think of a better way to get to know these guys! It's also working as a great bridge for me who is still perhaps stupidly in love with my ex to get over it! I hope to go on some more "hang outs" soon and maybe with the same people. Added Bonus: If they are major a-holes, bore you, or just not feelin' it you don't have to deal with rejecting them or vice versa (but its never that way....right?). I think I'm gonna start making my own dating rules...and that means not doing it at all (at least for now!)! So you wanna hang out?

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