Monday, March 29, 2010

Damn Blackberrys, IPhones and Facebook!

For those of you that are dating and have experienced this in some form...I'd love to hear your opinion! So heres the story...Saturday night I'm sitting at a bar listening to my roommate play and was talking to so many people (sober guys, drunk guys, really drunk guys, women, and of course the gays!). One group of guys who had to all be working as the others wingman decended upon me and two other girls. It was like hawks circling prey and then swoop in for the kill. I was watching the whole thing before it happened and just sat waiting...but they were attractive so why not have something descent to look at while laughing inside waiting to shoot them down! The conversation consisted of them proving education levels, what they did for a living, all the amazing places they've traveled, etc...YAWN!!! Then the compliments's like they think they are Miss Cleo and know everything about you within the first 10 minutes of talking, and the only thing I had told them is I went to school in Chicago and originally from Connecticut other than that all responses have been sarcastic. So then it happened...(yes this is my fault for ingoring him so much by checking my facebook on my blackberry) he says (while pulling out his IPhone) "here's my e-mail, so we can keep in touch on facebook-I'll go ahead and approve you now". How was I suppose to get out that smooth move!!! Me the girl who is very traditional in dating has not been asked her number, but has been "befriended" on facebook!! Sure enough...he approved me right then and there...He now had access to me! Is this normal this something I have to adjust to? Oh...the things I'm looking forward to!

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