Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New City..New Start..New Patterns?

So..I"ll be honest, I fell of the ex- wagon! We didn't formally ever get back together, hell we didn't even have the occasional hook up, but he had me hook line and sinker that a glimpse of hope was possible. Nada..I got played for a a fool! So now I've moved close to 3000 miles away to have a fresh start...yup that bad! So Seattle is my new home and yes this is where he is from and it wasn't on purpose (as most believe). I really do have a fresh start here and to make it even more worth it..I am so in love with this city! It has everything: city, mountains, water, and metro sexuals everywhere! This might be my heaven, but thats TBD! So three weeks in at this point, and have gone on a couple of dates, but one...oh but one has got my attention. What is a girl suppose to do, I actually have those butterflies back in my stomach like I was in high school. In lies the problem...like I was in high school! He is 12 years older then I, hot, single dad, successful...and well I can't figure out if he's playing me or not. Surely..not playing I, I'm 30 (yes, I'm now that dreaded age), better now then when I was 20, understanding, successful, and generous. He'd be a fool...right? So I'm trying to take notes from my past and not call or text the poor guy and finally realizing I'm the one that needs to be chased! Look at me, I'm a big girl now!! So, public tell me: single dad, I haven't seen him since last Tuesday and I was suppose to be gone for the weekend, he didn't have his kids tonight...issue? Time to go on to the next? Yup...still hate dating, but he did bring me flowers! UPGRADE! Baby steps!

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